Barairo no Seisen

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Barairo no Seisen

Alternate Title: バラ色の聖戦 / The Future is in Our Hands!

Summary: 30-year-old Miki Makoto (Fukuishi Kazue) is an ordinary housewife struggling with housework and childrearing, but she has always believed in the importance of managing the household over looking beautiful so that her husband, Atsushi (Hasegawa Tomoharu) can go out to work without any worries. However, his infidelity spurs her to make up her mind to search for her “self” and become beautiful. Choosing the path of an amateur model, she steps into a modelling world that is more rough than she had imagined. Her weapons are her height which has given her an inferiority complex since young, and her extraordinary determination. She keeps having internal conversations with herself as she regains her lost beauty

Actors: Sei Ashina , 


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