Dirty Mama

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Dirty Mama

Alternate Title: ダーティ・ママ! / Daati mama!

Summary: Maruoka Takako (Nagasaku Hiromi), a single mother with a 11 month-old baby son, Hashizo, is attentive to her child. On the other hand, she is a dirty cop with the highest arrest rate who is willing to bribe and divulge information if it benefits her. She ends up bringing her child to work because she is on the waiting list for the public childcare facility and the private ones are too expensive. Takako battles with Hashizo’s irresponsible father who makes no attempt to recognise his son, fellow male detectives who only think of self-protection and despicable criminals while hiding her loneliness. Karina (27) will play a trainee detective whom Takako partners with.



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