Kare Otto Otoko Tomodachi

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Kare Otto Otoko Tomodachi

Alternate Title: カレ、夫、男友達 / Kare, Otto, Otoko Tomodachi

Summary: Haruko (Maki Yoko), an events producer, is the second of the Inuyama family’s three daughters. She turns down a proposal from the man she has been cohabiting with, causing their relationship to turn awkward. Her older sister, Asako (Kimura Tae), is hides her husband’s domestic violence while her younger sister, Ikuko (Kaho), cannot instinctively understand love. Haruko is at a critical point in her career and love life, but she scrambles about for the sake of her sisters. The three of them are helped by the family ties and eventually break out of their shell.

Actors: Atsuko Takahata , 


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