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Drama: Koizora Sky Of Love Movie

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Actors: Shohei Miura , 

Genre: Romance, J movie, Movie, All,

High school student Mika (Yui Aragaki) has yet to encounter true love. One day, she runs meets Hiro (Haruma Miura), a rebellious young man with white hair, during class break, but is of put off by his unusual demeanor. Mika then loses her cellphone only to find it again with all her contacts deleted. Then a mysterious person calls her daily, leaving memorable remarks for her. Mika becomes interested in this mysterious person. Finally, the person on the other end of the phone asks to meet Mika in person. The next day, Mika is shocked to learn the person calling her is Hiro. They soon become a couple despite their differences. Mika then becomes the target of a horrific act, when Hiro's ex-girlfriend hires three guys to rape Mika. The tragedy serves to only strengthen Mika and Hiro's relationship. A few months later, Mika becomes pregnant with Hiro's baby and the couple ask their parents to accept their marriage. Tragedy again strikes when Mika has a miscarriage. The next semester, Hiro, inexplicably, gives the cold shoulder to Mika. Mika even finds Hiro kissing another girl at a house party which she only learned about through a third party. When Mika confronts Hiro about his recent behavior, Hiro tells her that he wants to break up. Mika, completely devastated, shuts herself off from others until she meets sweet natured Yu Fukuhara (Keisuke Koide). Mika slowly opens up to Yu as they become closer. Mika then uncovers a shocking secret about her first boyfriend Hiro.

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Koizora Sky Of Love Movie