Share House no Koibito

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Share House no Koibito

Alternate Title: シェアハウスの恋人

Summary: Tsuyama Shio is a boring thirty-something working as an OL in a boring company. As a risk-averse person, she doesn't dare to do anything that may bring on hurt. No lover, no friends, and her close friend is the convenience store at night. Thinking to change her lonely lifestyle, she decides to move into a sharehouse (kind of like a guesthouse/hostel but on a long term basis). Amidst all the difficulties, joy and troubles of living with others, she comes into contact with two very interesting men who also live together with her in the sharehouse. Shio starts to develop feelings for one of the men, Sakurai Yukiya, but he in turn thinks he is in love with the other man, Kawaki Tappei, who has fallen for Shio... And hence begins a strange love triangle!

Actors: Haruka Kinami , 


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