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Genre: Comedy, K variety, Variety, All,

The show consists of several segments, one of which is called "Real Chart! Idol Self-Ranking", where idols are asked to rank each other on different topics and the results are then presented. "Idol of the Week", the second segment, on the other hand features idol groups as the invited guests. The first idol group to record an episode and appear in the segment was INFINITE. This segment usually consists of several featured corners: "Random Play Dance" – The staff played any songs that had been promoted by the guests. A song usually stop at a random point or change to another song while the guests must dance with the proper choreography for each song. "Profile Verification" – The hosts (Hyung Don and Defconn) featured the profile, info, facts, and rumors about the guest that prepared by the staff at a profile card. The idols need to verify, or even, voluntarily prove its before the MCs. "Win Against Idol" – The guests playing a game together with the hosts. If the guests can beat the hosts, the winning side will get the special prize and the losing side (usually the hosts) will get the physical punishment from the winners. "Grill Idol" – A special corner where the guests must answered correctly the questions from the hosts that appeared on a panel. Only after the guests get the question right they can eating the grilled Hanwoo beefs that prepared by the staff. BtoB's Jung Ilhoon frequently appearing as a special guest host for this corner since November 2012. "DoniConi Idol Call Center" - A special call center was prepared for 24 hours before the recording and the fans can personally call in and leave a message for the idol which later will revealed before the idols. At these segment, the talk usually hold without too much formality, giving a chance to the hosts to give a humorous remark about the idols, or in opposite, the idols can playing around with the hosts’ lack of physical fitness and engaging in a slapstick activity with the hosts. Started from December 31, 2011, annual year-closing episode, "Weekly Idol Award", held in the last episode of the year. In this episode, the host usually reviewed again the segments and the appearances from the guests that featured in past one year.

Weekly Idol Episode

Weekly Idol Tasty and A pink Bomi and Btob Ilhoon 130911

Weekly Idol B.A.P 130904

Weekly Idol Beast 130828

Weekly Idol BEAST 130821

Weekly Idol BTOB Ilhoon and A pink Bomi and Jewerly 130731

Weekly Idol EXO 130814

Weekly Idol Girl’s Day 130724

Weekly Idol INFINITE 130807

Weekly Idol A-Pink 130717

Weekly Idol EXO 130710

Weekly Idol MBLAQ 130703

Weekly Idol Secret and 4minute and Rainbow 130626

Weekly Idol Secret and 4minute and Rainbow 130619

Weekly Idol 100% 130612

Weekly Idol BTOB 130605

Weekly Idol Secret 130515

Weekly Idol RaNia 130424

Weekly Idol SHINee 130410

Weekly Idol 4minute and Ilhoon 130320

Weekly Idol SHINee 130403

Weekly Idol B.A.P. 130306

Weekly Idol SISTAR19 130220

Weekly Idol Dal Shabet 130213

Weekly Idol INFINITE H 130123

Weekly Idol Ailee 130102

Weekly Idol Awards INFINITE Sunggyu and BtoB Ilhoon and 4Minute Sohyun 121226

Weekly Idol B1A4 121212

Weekly Idol Block B 121128

Weekly Idol Spica & Fiestar 121107

Weekly Idol BtoB 121024

Weekly Idol ZE:A 121017

Weekly Idol INFINITE Hoya and Sunggyu and Tasty 121010

Weekly Idol Super Junior 120912

Weekly Idol B2ST 120905

Weekly Idol B2ST 120829

Weekly Idol INFINITE 120815

Weekly Idol B.A.P. 120812

Weekly Idol G.NA 120704

Weekly Idol INFINITE 120620

Weekly Idol INFINITE 120613

Weekly Idol Nine Muses 120606

Weekly Idol HaHa and SISTAR 120530

Weekly Idol 4Minute and BtoB 120516

Weekly Idol SHINee 120509

Weekly Idol SHINee 120502

Weekly Idol FT Island 120314

Weekly Idol Jay Park 120303

Weekly Idol TEEN TOP 120218

Weekly Idol MBLAQ 120210

Weekly Idol INFINITE 111224

Weekly Idol U-KISS 110924

Weekly Idol MBLAQ 110820

Weekly Idol SISTAR 110910

Weekly Idol INFINITE 110813

Weekly Idol A Pink Bomi Super Junior Henry and Kyuhyun

Weekly Idol A-JAX Teen Top A pink 2Eyes

Weekly Idol NS Yoon-G and Kara Kang Jiyoung

Weekly Idol Teen Top

Weekly Idol Kara Han Seungyeon